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2020-07-12 15:57:00 (zuletzt aktualisiert)
English Coaching Vienna 1090 - also online via Skype/Zoom
Do you need...

- the highest level of British English Pronunciation?

- the confidence of conducting your business at home and abroad in the international language of Business?

- to become more comfortable and fluent in English for professional and/or personal reasons?

I can help you.

I can work with you, using high-quality recording equipment to prove your stages of development and improvement.

I am an accent-free British RP native-speaker. I have 12 years of experience as a British English trainer, living and working in Vienna since 2008.

My English is clear and non-regional, and as a professional actor, singer and voice-over artist I can help you with many dialect issues problematic even to the British!

I work with Business People, Lawyers, Actors, University Lecturers and Students.

Over the years my students have, without exception, enjoyed a high success rate:

Those who have worked with me have, without exception, achieved success with excellent results.

I offer friendly and relaxed sessions at my tutoring rooms in Vienna’s 9th district (currently with Covis-19 restrictions, online via Skype or Zoom).

Rates vary and are negotiable according to your level and the frequency of lessons.

Please contact by email to discuss your requirements and/or to arrange your appointment.

Teaching studios in Berggasse 1090 Vienna and Tendlergasse 1090 Vienna -

Due to Coronavirus Lockdown, Sessions currently available online via Skype or Zoom.

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