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2018-04-17 11:23:19
[BIETE] Bite-sized English grammar modules - online training Bild

Do you get confused with the English tenses?
Do you mix up the present perfect with the simple past or have no idea why the past perfect or past continuous are necessary?
Did grammar lessons at school never make any sense to you?

You may have a great vocabulary but if you keep making the same grammar mistakes, it detracts from what you are saying and writing. People may well understand you, but you will make a more professional, credible impression if you use the...
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Standort: 6010
2018-04-15 16:42:12
[BIETE] Let‘s talk English - Englisch Native Speaker

Have you been studying English for years but still can‘t speak fluently? That‘s because you did not practice English speaking. I offer tuitions were the focus is on day to day conversations. Practice your English with a Native Speaker, who has experience in teaching people from all age groups, from young children to adults. I conduct these lessons in such a way that you get maximum chances to talk in English while focusing on your weak points thus improving your language skills. With my help y...
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Standort: Wien
2018-02-07 12:33:54
[BIETE] Earn Extra Income With Online Freelance Teaching Jobs Bild

Guruface is a growing network of online freelance trainers / teachers. It is one of the emerging online education and teaching job portal. Guruface offers free registration for professional trainers and students. If you wish to become a trainer under GuruFace and earn high income, join with us immediately. Setup your online training / teaching platform for free of cost..
You can join with us for free and make money by working from your own home.
In order to join with us, Please vi...
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Standort: Vienna
2018-02-05 11:25:04
[BIETE] Beimeisterprüfungsunterlagen

Verkaufe Baumeisterprüfungsunterlagen Sie werden die Baumeisterprüfung schaffen, ohne einen Vorbereitungskurs zu besuchen. Besuchte den Baumeistervorbeeitungskurs (Modul 1 bis 3) im WIFI Wien (hat ca. 9000 EUR gekostet) und habe alle Unterlagen Dikitalisiert. Habe die Baumeisterprüfung mit meinen Unterlagen locker geschafft (Module 1 bis 3). Habe alle Unterlagen eingescannt und andere Unterlagen auf E-Basis. Verkaufe die Unterlagen auf einer externen Festplatte ca. 100 GB Material. Unterrichtsge...
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Standort: 1220

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